Steering committee


The Steering Committee’s major role is to ensure that the Symposia take place on a regular schedule. This includes soliciting, evaluating and approving proposals for hosting the Symposia.

Interested in submitting a proposal for hosting IIiX 2012?


The membership of the Steering Committee shall be:

  1. The two initiators of IIiX
  2. The conference chairs of each IIiX
  3. The program chairs of each IIiX

Membership as of June 2010

  1. IIiX Initiators: Peter Ingwersen, Pertti Vakkari
  2. Conference Chairs: Pia Borlund, Peter Ingwersen (2006); Mounia Lalmas, Anastasios Tombros (2008); Nicholas J. Belkin (2010)
  3. Program Chairs: Ian Ruthven (2006); Pia Borlund, Jesper Schneider (2008); Diane Kelly (2010)

Hosting proposals for IIiX 2012

For those interested in hosting IIiX 2012, we would like an email bid letter sent to the IIiX Steering Committee (care of Peter Ingwersen and Nick Belkin) that stipulates:

  • where and when (some range of dates) you propose to hold the meeting;
  • assurance that some institution/department will back you up financially (i.e. an official letter from the responsible director/dean);
  • the conference chair’s name(s) and, if possible, the name(s) of the PC chair(s) (who should have agreed on it of course).

Additional information about previous experience with conferences, local arrangements, etc., would also be useful.

The last session of the IIiX 2010 Conference will be devoted to planning and feedback. A brief presentation at this session about your proposal would be quite helpful.

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